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Your First Visit


During this Initial Visit, which is offered at no charge, we take a 3D digital x-ray (iCAT FLX) and digital photos. Dr. Nick will perform an in-depth clinical exam, in order to evaluate of the bite, dental and skeletofacial growth, and an airway assessment. We will discuss what you hope to gain through treatment, and answer all your questions and concerns. Our office utilizes a one-step process, with the Consultation at the same visit as the the Initial Visit, in order to to create an individualized treatment plan, if treatment is required. This is done in order to save you an additional trip to the office.

One of three decisions will be made at this visit:

  1. The patient is not ready for orthodontic treatment, and is placed into an observation “KIDS CLUB” status. We will schedule a future appointment to carefully monitor the patient’s growth and development.
  2. An Early/Interceptive Orthodontic treatment Phase is recommended, in order to correct aberrant development of the teeth/jaw growth, as well as to assist in developing a favorable airway volume. Appropriate appointments will be made.
  3. Comprehensive Orthodontics (Braces), Invisalign Teen, or Invisalign Treatment will be recommended. Appropriate appointments will be made.


At the initial visit, if treatment is recommended, Dr. Nick will review in depth the Diagnosis and proposed Treatment Plan, at which point we will establish the patient’s responsibilities, length of treatment, appliances required, as well as the treatment fee.


We accept almost all insurance plans. Treatment fees are dependent on many factors, including: the length and complexity of treatment, as well as the appliances required.

We Offer Four Payment Options (At your Initial Visit, we will give you the necessary information for all options offered below):

  1. A discount if the fee is paid in full.
  2. An in-office payment plan, which involves an initial down payment, then monthly payments.
  3. Invisalign Financing Program, offered to those patients who will undergo Invisalign treatment.